Free Crochet Horse Patterns

Are you a fan of favorite animal patterns and want to crochet something that hit the trend? Find here very gorgeous and beautiful free crochet horse patterns that are popular these days. Crochet horse patterns are not too much different from unicorn patterns, so if you have ever tried crochet unicorn patterns, you will find this list so much easy for you. Plus, this list is also included with some unicorn patterns that will make you crazy for them.

So, this is a perfect opportunity to create soft and cuddly crochet horse patterns not only for yourself, for your kids, but also you can make them for your friends, too, as gift ideas. These beautiful horse patterns are not too much difficult to crochet. Once you learned the basic techniques, you will be able to these patterns of different styles and colors.

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And I assure you your kids will love these fun horses, and they would love to cuddle and hug with them even while they are sleeping. Not only horse amigurumi but also horse appliques and crochet horse hat patterns are shown in the list below. All of them are incredibly amazing, stunning, and so much cute that you would not stop your hands without trying them with your crochet hooks.

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Plus, all of these patterns are included with links that will provide you with a complete tutorial, stitch patterns, supplies, and other further details. So, check out this list and find your favorite pattern from here. Happy crocheting and have so much fun!

Free Crochet Flip Flop Horse Pattern:

Free Crochet Flip Flop Horse Pattern

If your kids love to play with stuffed toys, then this cute Free Crochet Flip Flop Horse Pattern will be an excellent choice for you. Its fo soft and look adorable when entirely made due to Bernat Crushed Velvet and Bernat Velvet yarn. The combination of these both yarn helps to create this horse pattern fast and easily. You can crochet it for your kids or make it a great last-minute gift for your beloved little ones to cuddle all the or to hug while going to bed!


Free Crochet Hessy Horse Amigurumi Pattern:

Free Crochet Hessy Horse Amigurumi Pattern

Summer is here that means its the right time to play with wild animals. This Hessy Horse Amigurumi Pattern is charming and so adorable. It’s big enough to hold and hug not only for your whole day but also to sleep with it at bedtime. Before working on this crochet horse amigurumi, you have to practice on basic stitches so you might be able to crochet it perfectly within a short time.


Free Crochet Horse Potholder Pattern:

Free Crochet Horse Potholder Pattern

This Crochet Horse Potholder Pattern will be the right addition to your kitchen to give it a farmhouse look. Its pattern is relatively easy, and it is without holes are delicate patterns, which makes it more functional and very useful. Moreover, animal patterns give your projects a charming touch, whether it’s your kitchen or bedroom, animal crochet patterns or animal crafts make your projects not only favorites of yours, but also they are much popular among the kids.


Free Crochet Horseshoe Applique Pattern:

Free Crochet Horseshoe Applique Pattern

Are you looking for St. Patrick’s Day decorations in a unique way? Don’t go anywhere else because these crochet Horseshoe applique will be a great embellishment and decor pattern to give your home a festive look. Plus, according to many people, horseshoes are considered a symbol of peace and good luck. But whatever the reason is to crochet this Free Crochet Horseshoe Applique Pattern, you will have quite fun and feel amazing while you will crochet these crochet appliques.


Golden Palomino Horse Crochet Pattern:

Golden Palomino Horse Crochet Pattern

Whether you want to give your home an animal theme or to crochet horse amigurumi pattern, please your kids, this Golden Palomino Horse Crochet Pattern will be a fun choice for you. It’s such a cute and exciting pattern to give your imaginations a real shape and enhance your crochet skills. You can change the combination of this horse amigurumi according to your choice and give it a personalized look!


Heidi The Horse Free Amigurumi Pattern:

Heidi The Horse Free Amigurumi Pattern

Make a cute crochet horse amigurumi pattern for your home using the acrylic weight yarn in different colors, and (e) sized crochet hook. Its creation is much easy; the whole pattern is made by working with the fox technique, you’ll surely admire the making of this pattern and will to make more amigurumi for your home décor. For the cleaner appearance, make the ears and tails with the matching colored yarn; it will enhance the beautification of your pattern.

Free Crochet Lucky The Horse:

Free Crochet Lucky The Horse

This cozy crochet lucky the horse pattern will be a fabulous handmade gift for your beloved children. To create this crochet horse pattern, you’ll have to work with the latch hook technique, for the making of limbs, work with the back post single crochet in each hoof. It will be a fun creation and a perfect choice for adding beauty to your home décor; for more details about this pattern, you can follow the below link.

Mini Amigurumi And Donkey:

Mini Amigurumi Horse And Donkey A Free Crochet Pattern

For making this cute and unique crochet mini amigurumi and donkey pattern, you’ll have to work with the magic circle in invisible decreases and color changes. Use the plastic eyes in black color for this crochet horse pattern; it will enhance the beautification of your pattern too much. Make a male and female pair of amigurumi, you’ll surely love to and them in your home décor.

Free Pattern: Appliques And Unicorn:

Free Crochet Pattern: Appliques Horse And Unicorn

Try this fun crochet horse pattern for adding an essence of beautification and coziness in your home décor. You can use it as a decorative piece and entertaining accessory for the children. Use the light worsted yarn and (3/3.5mm) crochet hook for making this unique crochet horse pattern. You can go with the desired color combination for this pattern, no restriction for it.

The Callie Hat Free Pattern:

The Callie Horse Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Try this Callie hat pattern for making an impressive and adorable hat to welcome the arrival of the winter season. It will be a cozier and warm accessory for your children’s use, and also be the best choice for gift-giving. The cute color combination and the standing ears on the top make this pattern look more admirable and unique. Utilize the red heart super saver yarn and (h) sized crochet hook to create this crochet horse pattern.


Farm Horse Crochet Pattern:

Farm Horse Crochet Pattern

Make this extra cuddly and unique crochet horse pattern to use as a decorative piece; its superb design makes it everyone’s favorite, so this pattern will also be best for gift-giving purposes. The finishing size of this croche horse pattern is about (7) inches so that you can keep it along yourself for trips and picnics as your child’s soft friend. The yarn art jeans yarn and the (2mm) crochet hook is selected for this pattern.

Crochet Horse Free Amigurumi Pattern:

Free Amigurumi Pattern

Add this fancy and crochet horse pattern amigurumi for an elegant and unique touch in your home décor. It can be easily worked up as a single piece, but creation is uncommon, so this pattern will also be the best choice to try something new and innovative. The supplies you’ll need for this crochet horse pattern are acrylic yarn and (2.25m) crochet hook. For further assistance about this pattern, you can also follow the below link.

Free Crochet Horse And Donkey:

Free And Donkey

Create a pair of crochet horse and donkey to add an essence of beautification and glamour in your home décor using the worsted weight yarn and (3.5mm) sized crochet hook. Its creation will be quite fun and easy; you can work separately on the pieces and then stitch them together for this crochet horse pattern. A cute muffler can also be added to your finished crochet horse and donkey(optional) to enhance the beauty of this pattern.

Free Crochet Horse:

Free Crochet Horse

Follow this crochet horse amigurumi pattern to make an impressive toy for your children. Its creation is much easy, and the combination of unique stitches gives this pattern an extra adorable appearance. Your children will love to make this new pony friend and be a superb gift-giving accessory for your beloved ones. The size of this crochet horse pattern is easily customizable; the required supplies for its creation are DK yarn and (b/g) sized crochet hook.

Lucky The Amigurumi Horse:

Lucky The Amigurumi

Your toddler will love to play and hug this cute crochet horse pattern; because of its unique softy design, you’ll also love the softness and coziness of it. Making this crochet horse amigurumi is relatively easy; you have to work with the lion brand Vanna’s choice solids yarn using the (4mm) crochet hook. Use the same color combination of yarn shown in the below pics because it looks too beautifying.

Free Crochet Horse Piem:

Free Piem

The light fingering weight sock yarn is used for making a beautiful and unique crochet horse pattern for your use. When you’re looking for an adorable and unique gift-giving accessory, this crochet horse pattern will be the best choice for you. The finished size for this crochet pattern is about 20cm, although you can also customize it according to your will by changing the number of working rows.

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