Creative DIY Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas

Nowadays plastic contamination is the biggest issue all over the world. The oceans are flooded with plastic waste that causes so many diseases. That why we have brought these DIY plastic bottle craft ideas for reused plastic bottles. Plastic bottles can be used in many DIY projects such as garden decoration, bird feeders, candy stand, and zipper case and many more ideas. You will get very useful and best ways or ideas to DIY the plastic bottles by these DIY projects. So, start collecting the plastic bottles and try to use them in a good way and be a part of a clean and neat environment.

These DIY plastic bottle craft ideas are best for the reuse of plastic bottles. These DIY projects are best to enhance your home’s decoration,

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Candy Stand Using Repurposed Plastic Bottle Craft Idea:

Candy Stand Using Repurposed Plastic Bottles

If you want to make your more decorative by using old plastic bottles which are not in your use but you have no idea and plan and you don’t know how to use them, then this Candy Stand Using Repurposed Plastic Bottles idea or plan perfect to make. You have to need some plastic bottles and a metal rod click below for getting more information about this plan. You can use this plastic bottle plan for keeping candies and other edible things safe in a different way.

No-Sew Zipper Case From Soda Bottles:

No-Sew Zipper Case From Soda Bottles

Turn your old plastic bottles into useful and sturdy no-sew zipper cases that will help you organize your life then if you want to make this No-Sew Zipper Case From Soda Bottles, this plan is perfect to keep your baby school accessories safe for almost no cost at all. You can use them to store all sorts of art and craft supplies. To make one, cut the plastic bottle, glue a zipper to it, customize the decorations and you’re done. Click below and collect whole information about this gorgeous and cheap plan.

Amazin Plastic Bottle Flowers:

Amazin Plastic Bottle Flowers

Take few water bottles out of the recycling bin and create these easy yet stunning and tiny flowers for the decoration of your home as well as you can use this plan as a gift for your friends at the time of shifting from one home to another home. You can string together the flower-like bottoms of plastic bottles to create pretty curtains or make a gorgeous spring wreath for your door. This Amazin Plastic Bottle Flowers will be a good plan for your home. All information just on a click.


DIY Piggy Bank Out Of A Plastic Bottle Craft Idea:

Diy Piggy Bank Out Of A Plastic Bottle

If your mind is full of creative ideas and you can design and make many things for your home and for your children, but due to the lack of ideas and plans you can’t do this, then don’t you worry you are in right place this DIY Piggy Bank Out Of A Plastic Bottle is a plan by following the procedure of making this plan you can make a cute toy for your little one. You have to need a plastic bottle, hard paper, and other materials given below in the link. This is really cheap and easy to make.


DIY Plastic Bottle Flower Mobile:

DIY Plastic Bottle Flower Mobile

Here is a beautiful project to make a DIY Plastic Bottle Flower Mobile from plastic bottles, which looks great and can hold and hang this DIY plan at your front door as well as with the wall of your home, and it doesn’t even take long to make. Cut the bottoms of plastic bottles, fix a metallic rod through them and see your craft turn into a beautiful decoration piece of your home. Here you can grab the whole instructions in the link about this plan.


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