Cute Free Crochet Fox Patterns

There are many trends that live for a specific time and when it comes to crocheting the world’s trend then free crochet fox patterns are really in nowadays. You can see them everywhere in the shape of crochet accessories, amigurumi, and stuffed toys. You can also see them in cheerful colors and adorable free crochet patterns. They are found in a variety of designs and styles that the reason we have rounded up a big list of free crochet fox patterns that will really blow your mind. They are so cool and stunning that you will not stop your hands without trying them out with your own hands.

Free Crochet Fox Patterns:

The people who think that the foxes are a kind of evil and cunning animals they will surely change their mind after watching these beautiful and cute crochet fox patterns. The amazing color combination of orange, white and black make them really popular among the world of crocheting especially their sharp features attract everyone to them. The possibilities are endless to make crochet fox patterns with your crochet hooks and get trendy. But the most amazing and popular way is fox amigurumi and stuff toys, but you can also make hats, purses, and even you can crochet fox baby diaper covers too. Crochet fox stuff toys look so gorgeous and snuggly that kids really love to play and cuddle with them especially before going to sleep.

Crochet Fox Free Patterns:

They also treat and serve them just like a new playing partner. So, you can not only crochet fox patterns top please your kids but also it will be a great way to make fun. And they will also make a great and beautiful display in the room of your kids.  Moreover, they will work great as a gift to your beloved ones and the children of the donation centers and the charities. And the best thing about free crochet fox patterns is that there is not any specific color combination limit while you are crocheting fox patterns. You can use any color of your choice or according to the weather.

You Can Also See:

So, guys, please scroll down and draw some inspiration. I hope you will love all of them and love to try them out with your own hands. Plus this list is contained links with each pattern that will provide you complete guidance and instructions.  So, move ahead and have so much fun!

Free Crochet Heart Fox Applique Pattern:

Free Crochet Heart Fox Applique Pattern


Free Crochet Kitsune The Fox Girl Pattern:

Free Crochet Kitsune The Fox Girl Pattern


Free Crochet Fox Amigurumi Pattern:

Free Crochet Fox Amigurumi Pattern


Free Crochet Rika The Fox Pattern:

Free Crochet Rika The Fox Pattern


Fox Mittens Crochet Pattern:

Fox Mittens Crochet Pattern


Francis The Fox Doll Crochet Pattern:

Francis The Fox Doll Crochet Pattern


Ralph The Fox Crochet Pattern;

Ralph The Fox Crochet Pattern


Clark The Crochet Fox Pattern:

Clark The Crochet Fox Pattern


Crochet Woodland Fox Hooded Blanket Free Pattern:

Crochet Woodland Fox Hooded Blanket Free Pattern


Crochet The Friendly Fox Free Pattern:

Crochet The Friendly Fox Free Pattern


Pocket Fox Free Crochet Pattern:

Pocket Free Pattern

Ragdoll Fox Free Crochet Pattern:

Ragdoll Free

Cube Foxy Fox Amigurumi Free Pattern:

 Amigurumi Free Pattern

Free Crochet Fox Ornament:

Free Crochet Fox Ornament

Fox Crochet Pattern:

Fox Pattern

Crochet Baby Hat And Diaper Cover Patterns:

Baby Hat And Diaper Cover

Orange You A Cute Crochet Fox Purse:

Orange You A Cute Purse

Free Crochet Fox Hat:

Free Hat

Crochet Long Legged Fox Amigurumi Toys Free Pattern:

Long Legged Amigurumi

Sleeping Fox Amigurumi Pattern:

Sleeping Amigurumi Pattern

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