Free Crochet Elephant Patterns – Amigurumi Patterns

Along with many other crocheted animal patterns like teddy bears, fox patterns and dog patterns, crochet elephant patterns are also making their place in the world of crocheting. You can crochet them in many sizes from cute little one too big enough to cuddle with them. They work great as gifting ideas on children’s birthdays, Christmas gifts, zoo parties, and nursery décor and even for baby showers and new babies.

Not only this but also crochet elephant patterns in small sizes also make a beautiful home décor centrepiece on your desktop or centre table. Plus, they can also be used as fun crochet projects. This list of free crochet elephant patterns is included with elephant amigurumi patterns, elephant hat patterns, booties patterns, and many other exciting crochet elephant patterns so, if you are one of the animal’s lovers, then you would love to see this post and find a lot of inspirational ideas.

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So, if you were looking for a new crochet project that must be trendy, then you will not go wrong with these free crochet elephant patterns. All of these adorable patterns will grab the attention of others. So, guys, without wasting your time, scroll this page down and find your favourite one project from this list.

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You will also find links with each pattern that will provide you with complete guidance of stitches, yarn, and pattern of all patterns. So, please move ahead and take a look at the following list.

Free Crochet Elephant Lovey Puppet Pattern:

Free Crochet Elephant Lovey Puppet Pattern


Free Crochet Elephant Amigurumi Pattern:

Free Crochet Elephant Amigurumi Pattern


Free Crochet Eugene Elephants Pattern:

Free Crochet Eugene Elephants Pattern


Colorful Elephant Crochet Pattern:

Colorful Elephant Crochet Pattern


Elephant Amigurumi Crochet Pattern:

Elephant Amigurumi Crochet Pattern


Oscar The Elephant Crochet Pattern:

Oscar The Elephant Crochet Pattern


Amigurumi Crochet Elephant Pattern:

Amigurumi Crochet Elephant Pattern


Evelyn the Crochet Elephant Pattern:

Evelyn the Crochet Elephant Pattern


Elzo The Crochet Elephant Pattern:

Elzo The Crochet Elephant Pattern


Crochet Elephant Applique Pattern:

Crochet Elephant Applique Pattern


Pink Elephant Crochet Pattern:

Pink Elephant Crochet Pattern

Esther The Elephant Free Amigurumi Pattern:

Esther The Elephant Free Amigurumi Pattern

Cuddle Me Elephant Crochet Pattern:

Cuddle Me Elephant Crochet Pattern

Ellie The Elephant Baby Booties Crochet Pattern:

Ellie The Elephant Baby Booties Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern Amigurumi Elephant:

Free Pattern Amigurumi Elephant

Little Bigfoot Elephant Pattern:

Little Bigfoot Elephant Pattern

Free Crochet Baby Elephant Hat Pattern:

Free Crochet Baby Elephant Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Elephant Pattern:

Free Crochet Elephant Pattern

Ella The Elephant And Her Boy Friend:

Ella The And Her Boy Friend

Free Crochet Elephant:


Gustav The Balancing Elephant:

Gustav The Balancing

Ellie The Elephant:

Ellie The

Lady Crochet Elephant Free Pattern:

Lady Free Pattern

Free Crochet Pattern For Edgar The Elephant:

Free Pattern For Edgar The

Three Little Elephants Marched Like This:

Three Little Marched Like This



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