DIY Shelves Plans For Your Home Décor

We have a great collection of DIY shelves plans which are very helpful in your home decor. These shelves plans will add more beauty to your home. We have different varieties of shelves with different ranges of cost. You can use them in many aspects like to keep many important things on them. You can keep books, accessories and other things. Now start to make these DIY shelves with some efforts and inner skills.

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Decorative Mountain DIY Shelf:

Decorative Mountain DIY Shelf

Just look at that gorgeous Decorative Mountain DIY Shelf! It has a beautifully rustic and new look and really brings some character to the master home’s decoration. If you want to do this addition in your home decoration then this DIY plan for home decoration is perfect. The details of this plan are given below in the link. The basic thing which requires this plan is wood. You can cut the piece of wood in equal length, click below and grab more information.


DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves:

Diy Industrial Pipe Shelves

If you want to make something adorable and sturdy for your home by using some rustic things and searching for ideas then this DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves is a good plan for your home. You can make this pipe shelves by using pieces of metal pipes and rustic piece of wood. Click below and collect the latest information about this plan.


DIY Wall Box Shelves:

DIY Wall Box Shelves

Every one needs extra storage in her/his home, if you also want to create some storage in your home for keeping your dresses and some other basic things, so you can make these DIY Wall Box Shelves to organize your bathroom, but you can use them in any room. They will work great for toys, dishes, craft supplies. The best part is that they are super simple to build, you just need a few planks like some pieces of wood, and drill machine, as well as many other tools and material which we require for this plan, are given below in the link.


DIY Industrial Wall Shelves:

DIY Industrial Wall Shelves

Summer is such a wonderful time because warmer days have a long time. The weather is perfect for spending time to make something sturdy for your home with family and friends, if you also want to make some important for her/his home then you can make this DIY Industrial Wall Shelves which are easy to make and only required some basic materials like wood and metal pipes for supporting. Click below and get exciting news and information about this plan.


DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves:

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

This DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves may just be the easiest project you’ve ever made. It’s made from metal pipes and wooden slats. If you have leftover wood from other projects, you can use that or you can buy the metal pipe piece at any home improvement drift store. To make the wooden shelves, you just affix the metal pipes with the wall distantly, to make them sturdy and then slip the wood slats through the metal pipes And, you can paint or stain the wood and/or metal pipe to customize the colors. Click below for more information.


DIY Hanging Recycled Skateboard Shelf:

Diy Hanging Recycled Skateboard Shelf

This amazing DIY Hanging Recycled Skateboard Shelf is all handmade and it has a nice little cooler section right in the center to keep your flower and decore piece safe and gives a cute look to your home’s wall. This is the perfect small size wall hanger. You could also put food on it and whatever you want. The basic need for this plan is wood and rope, click below and collect more information.


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