DIY Moon Clock Ideas Inspired by Moon

Sometime before, the clocks were considered as the most important necessity of home. But now this trend is changed but still, you can’t underestimate the clock because without a well-made clock your home decor is incomplete. How cool to make a clock in the shape of the moon? Here is a collection of DIY moon clock ideas which are quite fun and easy to make, and give your home decor a fabulous addition, which will surely be admired by everyone. These DIY moon clock ideas are very useful and easier ones. A huge variety of DIY moon clock ideas with different sizes is available for you just scroll down and get benefits from it. All the given DIY moon click ideas are available with the complete description, you can also click on the below links to get more information.

Diy moon clock ideas with a huge pattern range are available here. These moon clocks are easy and free of cost, click here to get more information.

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How To Make DIY Moon Clock:

How To Make DIY Moon Clock

Are you in search of how to make a DIY moon clock? Here is your required information. Firstly print out the picture of the moon on an a4 paper. You can visit NASA’s site for this. Then paste it on your hard woody board with hot glue. Now made the needles for your clock with some long thin pieces of wood. At last, attach the clock machinery on the back with the thread or hot glue and keep the needles of the clock in a symmetric manner and your moon clock is ready to hang at the wall. You can get more information about this clock by a single click n the below link.


Make A Giant Reclaimed Wood Clock:

Make A Giant Reclaimed Wood Clock

Make a giant reclaimed wood clock for your lounge, it will show your crafty skills and is also quite fun to make. It will give a giant look to your lounge and everyone will like it. You just need a hard big woody circle 3 watch needles and acrylic paint, in white and black color. Firstly smoothen the woody circle with the petroleum jelly and brush. Then paint it with white colored acrylic paint. When the paint gets dry, make roman counting in the round circle with black acrylic paint. Now put the watch machinery on the back of the wood board and attach the needles with the machinery. To get more information click on the below link.


DIY Colorblock Wall Clock:

DIY Colorblock Wall Clock

This DIY color block wall clock is quite easy and fun to make.  You can hang it on your courtyard’s wall it looks fabulous. A shiny wood board some chart paper in black and acrylic pink paint and a piece of clock machinery, that’s all you need to make this beautiful wall clock. Cut the wood board in a circle, color it half by pasting paper on its other half end. When the paint got dry paste the 12 strips made of hard chart paper and at the end tie the machinery on its back and attach the needles with it. You can get more information about this DIY color block wall clock by just a single click on the below link.


Simple DIY Moon Concrete Clock Idea:

Simple Concrete

This simple DIY concrete clock is quite different from all others, because of its unique making pattern. First, of all cut the hard woody board in the round then pour the concrete over the cutted wood board and clean it with the brush. When the concrete gets dry then make a hole with the drill and paste the clock machinery behind the board and attach the needle and your simple DIY concrete clock is ready. To get more information click on the below link.


DIY Dotted Wall Clock Idea:

Dotted Wall

This DIY dotted wall clock is really loved by the people. This wall clock is so easy to make you just need chart papers, woody strip acrylic black paints, a piece of clock machinery, and clock needles. Firstly cut the chart in the two-round circles. Then make one circle dotted with the black paint, now put the machinery between them and tie both circles with the strip at the end put the needles and your clock is ready to give your bedroom a classy look. You can gift this wall clock to your beloved or he/she will surely love it. T get more information click on the below link.


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