Best DIY Shoebox Crafts Ideas

What you do after buying the shoe, with its box you throw it away. You don’t think about any use of that shoebox and throw away and make the cause of pollution. But at tt same time we have brought the great use of that shoebox in the best way. These best DIY shoebox crafts ideas are perfect for using the spare shoeboxes in a good way. You will get the many useful projects and ideas for using the shoeboxes in many beneficial things such as stickers organized, shoebox theatre, shoebox school for kids play, and many more shoebox crafts ideas for your kids. Now, if there is no repertoire of shoebox crafts Ideas then, you may luckier one because you have a chance to buy some new shoes and collect their boxes and try to make useful things.

For DIYers, here is a fabulous series of shoebox crafts ideas. You can add beautiful, playable items and decorations to your home by following these ideas.

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DIY Stickers Organized:

Stickers Organized

Creativity is a god gift for any individual person if you have also this quality then your mind is vast, definitely and you can make lots of projects and decorations pieces for your home by using leftover things and without spending a lot of money and time. This is a Sticker Organize box that is a cheap way to organize important notes of your baby. You can make this by using some empty shoe boxes and glue and other material which are in the link below. It will be a good project when you want to spend your spare time in a useful activity.


Light Up Shoebox Theater:

Light Up Shoebox Theater

By using some empty shoeboxes you can make so many toys and other things for your baby and you can use them for school projects also. If you are interested to make something by using shoeboxes then try this Light Up Shoebox Theater at your home any time. The usage of electrical light makes it more adorable and cute. You would have to require Shoebox with lid,1 piece of cardboard, approximately A3 sized,1 sheet of white copy paper, 2 sheets of dark and light blue A4-sized paper,5 or 6 wooden skewers,1 strand of LED Christmas lights (10 lights), Small wooden beads and you can collect information about tools from the link below. You can use this project as a gift for your friend’s baby. Click below!


Shoebox School For Pretend Play:

Shoebox School For Pretend Play

A shoebox is full of adventure multi-dimensional like you can make so many things by using them, whether you make a mini-theatre, a zoo, a fish tank or something for your kids have imagined yet, like if your baby starts their school as soon as possible and you want to prepare him /her for school, just only for that they don’t feel lonely in the new environment then you can make this Shoebox School For Pretend Play when you want to introduce them about the environment of the school. You can make this by using some materials and tools which are given in the link below. It will prove surely beneficial for you.


Cereal Box Aquarium:

Cereal Box Aquarium

If your babies are the lover of aquatic animals and you want to make something special and elegant for them by using a cheap and easy way then you can try this Cereal Box Aquarium that is full of colourful fish. You have to requires to require 1 large cereal box, Colored cardstock or Construction Paper, Shells, Kinetic Sand (We found ours at the Dollar Store for only $3), Light Green Pipe Cleaners, Googly Eyes, Turquoise Paint, Silver Paint, Stones, Stringish Template, (see below, for template instructions), X-Acto Knife (adults only to use), Hot glue (adults only to use), Scissors and many tools which are given in the link. It will be an easy way to maintain the beauty of the playroom of your baby.


Marble Maze Shoe Box:

Marble Maze Shoe Box

This Marble Maze Shoe Box is perfect when you want to make a game for your baby that is easy and perfect to make. This plan uses empty shoeboxes and plastic pipes and other materials which present in the link. This project will prove beneficial for your little ones when you want to increase their intelligence when they paly with this project it will enhance their thinking capability.


Shoebox Train Craft For Kids:

Shoebox Train Craft For Kids

A toy train is a toy that represents a train and many of children like to play with trains, if your little kid also like to play with train and you can’t buy a toy train them from the market due to its high prices then try to make this Shoebox Train Craft For Kids by using leftover empty shoeboxes. You can use this as a birthday gift for your friend’s baby it will be an easy and cheap way. You can make this project by using 3 shoeboxes and 4 shoebox lids, toilet paper tube, packing tape, construction paper, a glue stick, scissors, Click below!


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